Ohio Ford Dealership Offering 800HP Mustangs For $50,000

Getting the most power in your vehicle can be pricey. But this Ohio-based Ford dealership says it doesn’t have to be. Lebanon Ford Performance is the same dealership that offered the LFP 727 Performance upgrade for $40,000 last year. And this year their “Pick Your Power” deal brings you the LFP Hellion package, including the price of the car, for $52,000.

The LFP Hellion package will be built completely in-house and can reportedly put out 800 horsepower at the crank on 7 to 8 pounds of boost. It includes a Hellion Turbo System with Twin 62mm Precision Built Turbos, 1000cc injectors, and several other features – all included in the price. So if you’re looking for a new ride with lots of power at a decent price, it may be worth a look!