New Austin Residents File Complaint, Want Local Car Club Events Shut Down

An established car club has met along town lake every Sunday for decades. However, residents of The Weaver, a new luxury apartment complex in East Austin, aren’t happy about it.

While the complex says it’s just a handful of people upset with the noise, it was enough to get the attention of the local media. The main concern of the car club members is that even just a few complaints could lead to a permanent change.

The car clubs have been held for years at “Chicano Park” in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood, according to Texas Monthly. Drivers show up in customized lowriders and jacked-up, chromed-out trucks and fill the parking lot. Then, they break out the grills and beer and have an enjoyable afternoon as they have since the ’90s. If you can’t picture it, check out this video:

New residents have reportedly “grown tired” of the loud music and the traffic from the events. Residents have gave every excuse in the book as to why they aren’t fans from ambulances not being able to get to their building to someone even going as far as to call it a “display of toxic masculinity.”

Several calls have been made to the police requesting the event be shut down. One woman actually pleaded with officers to disband the event, calling it “scary.” As you probably guessed, the officers did nothing as the event actually doesn’t break any city rules.

The irony of the whole thing is that the complex itself (which is not Texas-based) claims on its website that residents will be a part of a “community that is rich in history and tradition”. Guess it should re-evaluate as its residents are currently trying to shut part of Texas culture and tradition down.

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