Metropolis II: A Futuristic Hot Wheels City! Now THIS Is Awesome!

Ever since the invention of Hot Wheels, people have been really creative in building all kinds of really intricate track systems that really take things to the next level. We’ve posted videos before of really complex and awesome Hot Wheels tracks but with this one, it’s a little bit different. What’s different about this particular track is that it’s an actual futuristic “city” with buildings, houses and lots and LOTS of traffic! As you may know, that many life size architectural projects usually begin with small scale models to really get the gist of things on how exactly it’s going to work in real world scenarios.

The “Metropolis II” uses conveyor belts with magnets that allow a massive amount of cars to move at such high speeds. This helps not only traffic move along efficiently but it also reduces the risks of crashes since every car is going a constant speed. The idea of a moving track or road is something that Elon Musk is actually working on currently, except his idea is an underground system. This could theoretically improve traffic conditions DRAMATICALLY and who wouldn’t want that!? What do you think about this cool Hot Wheels track and the conveyor belt idea?

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