Maximum Traction Faster Than the Blink of Your Eye

If you regularly use your Wrangler, Bronco, 4Runner, or other four-wheel drive vehicle off-road, consider adding an Eaton ELocker differential. The selectable design means you can run the ELocker as an open-style differential on pavement, then flip a switch and send engine torque to both wheels for maximum traction off-road. The transition takes just 14 milliseconds, which is about 10 times faster than it takes you to blink an eye.

How to Make Your Hot Rod Loud—Then Quiet—Whenever You Want

The old school cutouts our dads and grandads used involved sliding under the car and removing the caps. With Patriot Exhaust Electric Cutouts, all you have to do is push a button. Their design eliminates modifications to the Y-pipe, making them truly a DIY install. The cutouts are compact for easy installation, even in lowered vehicles. A simple two-wire hookup to the battery or fuse panel for the wireless remote makes your car loud—then quiet again—as often as you want.

Better Cooling That’s Affordable

You can have better cooling without spending a lot of dough with a Griffin Performance Fit combo. You get a fully welded aluminum radiator, single or dual electric fans, shroud, and a radiator, but you may have to make some modifications to properly fit the system in your vehicle. That little extra effort will leave some cash in your pocket to spend on other upgrades.

How to Choose an Aftermarket Radiator

What’s more frustrating than sitting on the side of the road with an overheated vehicle?

Whether it’s the sight of the steam coming from the hood or the smell of hot coolant splattered all over your engine compartment (or puddled underneath your vehicle), few things put a damper on weekend cruise like an overheated engine.

We’d strongly advise you to avoid this situation, and you can start by having a strong, healthy radiator for your vehicle. With help from the Summit Racing technical department, we’ve put together an overview of common radiator styles, materials, and designs. This basic knowledge will put you on the road to picking the optimum aftermarket radiator. Continue reading radiator tech from Summit Racing.