Mastering Automotive Essentials

How to Start a High-Compression Engine

You need a starter with a lot of torque to turn over a high-compression engine. Powermaster XS Torque and Mastertorque Starter deliver just that. The XS Torque starters are rated  at 200 lb.-ft. of torque and have a 4.40:1 gear reduction drive to handle engines with compression ratios up to 18:1. Mastertorque Starters have a stout 3.25:1 gear-reduction drive and crank out as much a 180 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s enough to turn over engines with compression ratios as high as 14.0:1. If you need proof, Powermaster includes a dyno test sheet with every starter they make.

Torque Converters Built to Handle Big Power

A torque converter that can’t hold up to big power won’t do much torque multiplication. FTI Performance builds its SRL Series Billet Lockup Torque Converters to handle engines making up to 800 horsepower. They have computer-designed, CNC-machined billet front covers and forged triple clutch billet lockup assemblies that significantly reduce heat and make premature clutch wear a thing of the past. The converters also have TIG-welded impeller fins for increased rigidity, anti-ballooning flanged impeller hubs, severe-duty sprags, and Torrington bearings. SRL Series Billet Lockup Torque Converters are available for GM, Ford, and Mopar transmissions with stall speeds from 2,800-4,400 RPM.

Install a Five-Speed Without Hammering Your Floorpans

Fitting a five-speed transmission in a classic muscle car, hot rod, or old truck used to literally run into the transmission tunnel, requiring beating on the floorpan to make room. The Tremec TKX five-speed has a strong, compact aluminum case that clears most transmission tunnels and has three shifter locations so you can put the stick where it fits best. You can even bang gears at 7,500 RPM and the TKX won’t miss a beat.