Man Tries To Help “Stranded” Woman On Interstate, Almost Gets Ambushed

Stories like this make it hard to help people in today’s society, even those needing help, unfortunately. John Hadyniak was placed in a bad situation on a metro Detroit highway. Now his close call is going viral on social media. He’s sharing his story to tell other motorists to beware and trust your instincts.

John Hadyniak of Belleville, Michigan was heading home driving down I-94. When he got near Belleville road, he saw a woman on the side of the road and who appeared to be changing a flat tire. His first thought was to stop and give her a hand, then his red flag radar lit up.

The first sign something was up was that the trunk on the car was closed, said Hadyniak, who is also a mechanic, and he noticed there was no plate on the trunk of the car.

“I noticed that there was no jack and she had a tire iron in her hand,” Hadyniak said. “Things didn’t add up. It was just a bad feeling.”

He listened to that gut feeling and pulled out a flashlight and shined it on the woman.

“I put the flashlight on her when I got out of the car,” he said. “And about 15 feet off the side of the road there was a guy laying in the grass. I hit him with the light. He got up and jumped in the car and took off down I-94”

At that moment, Hadyniak thought of what could have happened if he wasn’t as careful. Those “what ifs” are still swirling around in his head.

“Worst case scenario, I could have got bopped in the head with that, laid dead on the side of the expressway,” he said. “(They could have) robbed me, stole my car – everything. If I wouldn’t have seen him, it would have been bad news.”