Man Hits Fish With F-150…Yes, You Read That Right

There are all sorts of roadkill out there. Raccoons, opossums, squirrels. But a fish? That’s a new one!

Kansas resident William Meyers thought he’d avoided a roadkill situation when a bird bumped into the front of his Ford F-150 but then flew away over the top of the truck, seemingly unharmed.

However, when he got home he realized he did, indeed, have an animal on board the truck. It just wasn’t the bird. Sticking out of the grille of his truck was the back end of a foot-long bass. The bird must have been carrying the fish when it collided with the truck.

(KWCH/NNS) The hole left in the grill from the fish.

Naturally, people think he’s lying when he tells the story but luckily he took photo proof.

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