Make Your Engine Swap a Lot Easier & Get Rid of Exhaust Leaks for Good

Tired of spending hours in your garage and the ting-ting-ting sound of an exhaust leak?

Try a set of Taylor Cable header and collector gaskets. They seal where ordinary gaskets fail. The header gaskets are available for most popular V8 engines; the collector gaskets are available in various diameters.

You can also try a good set of header gaskets like Taylor’s SEAL-4-GOOD gaskets. The multi-layered “dead soft” aluminum gaskets conform to any small imperfections in the flanges for a virtual blowout- and burnout-proof seal. Better still, the SEAL-4-GOOD gaskets are reusable, saving you the hassle and expense of buying new gaskets when you remove the headers or disassemble your exhaust system.

Many exhaust systems are basically plug and play—line up the pipes, clamp ‘em together, and everything more or less fits. But what if you have an oddball combination or a custom application nobody makes a complete exhaust system for? Read more here.

Speaking of saving time and energy – what a difference a few minutes can make. That’s all it takes to install a set of RideTech control arm bushings on your 1967-69 Camaro or Firebird. The direct-fit Delrin bushings eliminate control arm shift, reduce deflection, and resist binding at extreme alignment settings for more consistent and predictable handling.

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