Kids Surprise Dad With Restored 1970 Challenger R/T In Memory Of Late Mother

Several gearheads have certain vehicles that have nostalgic or sentimental value to them. Richard Schmidt is one of those people whose vehicle held great meaning.

It started in 1968 when Rich left to fight in Vietnam. While he was away, his cousin had her friend, Kitty, reach out to him. After writing back and forth they became close and when Rich returned, they married two months later.

Shortly after returning home, Rich purchased a 1970 Challenger R/T. Over the years, the car created so many memories for Rich and Kitty. As with any vehicle though, wear and tear got the best of the car. Rich had every intention of restoring his beloved car, but time and money got away from him and it ended up sitting, as several project vehicles do. Finally though, after about forty years it got any attention.

Unfortunately, before Rich and Kitty got to restoring the Challenger, Kitty was diagnosed with breast cancer and would lose her battle. After losing Kitty, Rich’s kids thought the car needed to be restored for their dad. They were able to keep the entire restoration a total surprise until they were able to show their dad the finished car.

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