Keep Your Engine Cool and Make Your Lifted Truck Handle Better

Forget about a hot engine affecting performance. If it overheats, the aluminum material will start to warp, expand, and even crack. Warped cylinder heads can separate from the engine block and cause leaks in the head gasket, leading to a whole host of issues. Keeping your engine cool is crucial, and we have a cost-effective way to do it.

If you’ve ever driven in a lifted truck, driver, or passenger, you know that it scores low in the comfortable ride and handling categories. However, that can all change with a high-quality set of shocks.

Spend Less Money Keeping Your Engine Cool

Griffin Radiator | Summit Racing

It’s no secret that you can save money when you buy a Griffin Performance Fit combo versus one of its more expensive Exact fit combos. With this kit, you’ll get some exceptional cooling. However, the primary difference is that it’ll require some vehicle modifications to fit properly. That extra effort leaves some cash in your wallet to spend on other upgrades.

Upgraded Ride and Handling for Lifted Trucks

Belltech Trail Performance Shocks | Summit Racing

Lifted trucks were designed to do their damage off-road, but if you use yours as a daily driver, a good set of shocks like Belltech’s new Trail Performance Shocks can fix many of the issues plaguing lifted trucks. These shocks feature independent rebound and compression valving that control quick wheel movements, such as lane changes, potholes, and high-speed maneuvers on the road without fading because of mud, rocks, and other trail conditions off-road.

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