Jeep “Tries” To Drive Through Water but Fails Miserably

Can you say fail? This poor Jeep was designed to be an off-roader NOT a boat..but apparently the driver didn’t know that. It actually looks like a few other Jeeps “may” have made it across the water before him but who knows. All we see in the video is this one Jeep attempting to swim.

The video starts off with this red Jeep slowly driving into the water. Everything looks to be ok for a few seconds, then it’s obvious he loses contact with the ground..and just starts floating. The Jeep then somehow manages to turn around and just floats. Bad idea!

We’re not sure how the guy got his Jeep out of the water but what is certain is that he regrets his decision! Who wouldn’t? Not only was that an embarrassing fail but probably an expensive one considering the amount of damage he probably caused. Regardless, this is a great reason why you shouldn’t drive through deep water..because your car is a car, not a boat.

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