Jeep Thinks It Has The Answer To The Smell Coming From Its Detroit Plant

Living near an industrial or commercial site can have its downfalls. However, some Detroit residents who live near the Jeep Assembly Plant say there’s one they just can’t live with. The plant is putting out fumes and odors and they’re causing health concerns.

The odors are coming from improperly-installed equipment on the paint line. A third-party company conducted an investigation and submitted an extensive report to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), who is familiar with the automaker as it has served the Jeep factory with multiple air quality violations already.

Stellantis believes it has a fix for the issue. There will be new ducting and equipment to control the odor issue. While this solution will more than likely resolve the problem, it is going to take a bit to implement. Hopefully, the Jeep plant’s neighbors have some patience.

Thankfully, Jeep only has to combat the smell in the (one) plant as opposed to Hyundai who had an unpleasant odor to resolve in all new Palisades.

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