Jaguar Driver Running From Cops Sends Whole Engine Through Apartment Door During Crash

At approximately 7:45 this evening, Engine 913 along with Chief 905 responded to a single vehicle MVA in the 14000 block…

Posted by East Side Fire Department on Wednesday, February 12, 2020

During any high-speed chase, the risk for something to go wrong is increased. And this goes to show it can affect others, not just the drivers involved.

A driver behind the wheel of a Jaguar XE was running from officers near Baton Rouge, Louisiana when they ran into a ditch which ejected them from the vehicle. The car’s engine was also ejected and sent through the front door of a nearby apartment. The four-cylinder actually struck someone standing in the apartment at the time of the crash. Miraculously, they did not suffer life-threatening trauma.

The fire department that responded to the scene posted what was left of the vehicle to Facebook. They reported that the car hit multiple trees before landing in the ditch and sending the driver and engine flying. The driver was taken to a local hospital for their injuries.

There is speculation speed and/or drugs and alcohol were involved however none of that has been confirmed by authorities.

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