Investigators Say What Went Wrong On Jessi Combs Record-Breaking Attempt

On Monday, investigators from the Harney County Sheriff’s Office released what they say caused Jessi Combs’ fatal crash on August 27th. According to the investigators, a mechanical failure at high speeds was the culprit.

The investigation wrapped up approximately two months after the fatal crash during an attempt to break the women’s land speed Guinness World Record. The fatal crash was determined to be caused by “a mechanical failure of the front wheel, most likely caused from striking an object on the desert,” according to the Harney County Sheriff’s office in Oregon.

The mechanical failure occurred at approximately 550 mph. According to the team’s website, the wheels were designed to maintain integrity at speeds of up to 900 mph.

As many of you know, Jessi Combs was a member of the POWERNATION family. Combs hosted POWERNATION’s Xtreme 4×4 before moving on to several other television shows. We send our condolences to her family and friends.

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