Ignition Wire Swap for a Bigger Spark and Better Distribution For More Power with Nitrous Express

If you’re looking to gain horsepower with a simple swap, have you considered switching the ignition wires? This uncomplicated solution could give you the extra boost you’ve been looking for to get ahead of the curve.

Speaking of extra boost, nitrous oxide systems with better distribution will also translate into more power. If you’re in the market for horsepower gains, we have you covered.

Yes, More Power From an Ignition Wire Swap

Taylor ThunderVolt 8.2mm wires | Summit Racing

If you’ve ever wondered – can you gain more horsepower by swapping ignition wires? We’re here to tell you, yes, you can. You’ll get the most optimal results by installing a set of low-resistance wires like Taylor’s ThunderVolt 8.2mm wires. Ignition wires with low resistance to the flow of electricity (measured in ohms per foot) mean the spark plugs receive more energy. A bigger spark causes more efficient combustion of air and fuel in the combustion chambers, leading to more horsepower, torque, smoother idle, and improved fuel economy.

Better Distribution for Better Power

Nitrous Express Assassin Plate Stage 6 | Summit Racing

If your engine has a single-plane intake manifold, it can suffer from uneven fuel distribution to the cylinder. Adding nitrous oxide can make this problem even worse unless that system is a Nitrous Express Assassin Plate Stage 6. Instead of using spray bars that might sag, split, and block airflow, the Assassin Plate 6 system has an open plenum plate with a perimeter spray pattern for superior nitrous-fuel distribution and atomization, giving you big power gains.

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