Ignition 101: A Quick Guide to 5 Common Ignition System Designs

Ignition systems have come a long way since the early days of the automobile.

From early points-style setups to modern coil-on-plug configurations, the ignition system has evolved.

There are five primary types of ignition systems. Each has advantages and disadvantages. We turned to our friends at Autolite to explain what each ignition system type brings to the table. They broke it all down for us, and now we’re sharing the five types with you here.

Get the Spark You Need—and More

Big spark is a good thing. Getting that spark and a lot more is even better. FiTech’s Go Spark Advanced CDI Ignition gives you two spark levels (275mJ for street, 585mJ for racing) plus precise digital timing control, adjustable timing and rev limiter settings, and a nitrous/step retard input to safely use your nitrous system. FiTech even found room for an adjustable start retard feature for quick, effortless cranking that reduces the load on your starter motor.

Give Your Nissan Truck Some Extra Kick

Throttle response feel laggy on your later model Nissan truck or SUV? A JET Performance Powr-Flo Throttle Body can help fix the problem so you can enjoy your fun pedal again. Powr-Flo throttle bodies have a unique ribbed air inlet design that increases airflow velocity as it enters the intake manifold. That helps improve horsepower and throttle response. Powr-Flo throttle bodies have updated electronics preinstalled for a quick plug-and-play installation—no need to swap the electronic parts from your old throttle body. It’s a win-win.