Hyundai Is Trying To Figure Out Why Palisade Owners Are Complaining Their Interiors Smell Like ‘Garlic and Old Socks’


Arguably one of the best parts of buying a new car is that new car smell. There’s just something about it. So what if you purchased a new vehicle and when you got in, instead of that welcoming leather and interior smell you were hit with garlic and dirty socks? We bet you’d be annoyed.

Palisade Forum

It’s been discovered that several new Hyundai Palisade owners across several internet platforms have complained that after a few thousand miles, the SUVs’ new car smell leaves, and a new foul odor takes its place. Before you suggest it, the owners insist that no amount of interior conditioning or baking the smell in the heat cures the smell. Which, with a car that new you shouldn’t be having to deep clean your interior that often anyways.

Hyundai Palisade Owners | Facebook

The initial smell discovery was brought to light by where someone on the team noticed their long-term Palisade test vehicle had developed a certain unpleasant odor. Turns out, they weren’t alone thanks to the internet. Owners on a Palisade Forum have been complaining about the issue for months with no help in sight. The team identifies the odor as “a sharp chemical odor with a dash of something organic like garlic or rotten produce”.

The Drive was able to get in touch with a Hyundai spokesperson who confirmed the automaker is aware of the odor issue with the Palisade and is currently investigating in hopes of finding a fix.

Palisade owners have a theory that the smell is coming from the premium Nappa leather seat material being that as of now, the cloth-seat models are odor-free. Another thought is that the headrests are to blame. While the people are seem to think the stench is coming from inside the seatback itself.

Dealers will be notified when a solution has been found.

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