Hungry Javelina Traps Itself in a Subaru In Pursuit of Cheetos

A hungry javelina is going viral after it accidentally trapped itself in a Subaru and bumping it into neutral, all in the pursuit of some Cheetos.

Yavapai County deputies in Corville, AZ received a call about the javelina stuck inside a station wagon. According to the car’s owner, the hatch back was left open overnight.

After the animal jumped inside to get at a bag of Cheetos, the hatch closed. While trapped, the javelina managed to rip off a piece of the dash, the inside of a door, and knocking the vehicle into neutral while attempting to escape.

The Subaru then began to roll down the driveway and across the street before coming to a stop, leaving the javelina uninjured.

A deputy managed to reopen the hatch, freeing the animal back into the wild.

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