How to Keep Your Turbocharger Sealed

The last thing you want when you’re making full boost at wide-open throttle is a turbo inlet or discharge gasket blowing out. Keep your turbo sealed up with good gaskets like the ones Cometic Gasket makes. They’re made from stainless steel and have precision embossments to  ensure a solid seal even under extreme boost.

How to Inspect a Turbocharger & Spot Common Signs of Potential Failure

A turbocharger’s impeller can spin really, really, really fast—all while being subjected to extreme heat cycles thanks to the turbo’s proximity to exhaust gasses.

So suffice it to say, when a turbocharger component develops an issue, it can quickly turn into a big problem. Keep reading turbocharger tech from Summit Racing.

Keep an Eye on Your Air/Fuel Ratio

Your engine’s air/fuel ratio is critical to improved performance, especially if it’s a turbo or supercharged engine. The best way to keep an eye on your air/fuel ratio is by measuring oxygen levels in your exhaust system with an Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge. They feature DirectDigital™ signal processing and Advanced Sensor Control that samples oxygen sensor data faster and more frequently so you get a real-time picture of the air/fuel ratio at any point in the engine’s powerband.