How To Get Help On Your Ride, Passing Pro, Volvo 360, Battle Of The Japanese Supercars, And PowerNation Full Access

Today on PND…

• How You Can Get A Little Extra Help On Your Project Car
• A Driver With Excellent Passing Skills
• Volvo Wants Drivers To Spend Time Doing Other Things While Driving
• A Battle Of The Japanese Supercars: Acura NSX vs. Nissan GT-R Nismo
• And How You Can Get Full Access To PowerNation & Driveway Rescue
Have a project vehicle that’s been sitting in your garage too long? We can give you a hand. Tom Taylor with stopped by to tell you how you can enter to have your vehicle on Driveway Rescue. gives you easy access to affordable parts and is instrumental to all of our builds here in the shops! We’ve partnered up with them for our Driveway Rescue promotion and if you fill out an application online, you may be the next viewer to see our van pull up! Mack Metcalf just got help from the Engine Power crew and he is well on his way to having his vehicle finally finished up…glad we could help you out!

Multi-Passing Porsche
Being a good driver is one thing, having skills like this is another! Check out this onboard footage from the Carrera Cup in France. The driver of the #88 911 GT3 is only 21 years old but manages to pass 13 cars in just half a lap! Even though he started from the back of the back he ended the race in 7th!

Volvo 360
Another automaker has released their autonomous vehicle concept. And it seems each one is more intricate and complex than the last. Volvo’s is no exception. The 360 Concept is a level 5 autonomy which is the highest tier. It requires no input on the trip from the driver besides entering their destination. And Volvo wants you to be able to do more while you’re driving. Whether that’s work or napping!

Acura NSX vs. Nissan GT-R Nismo
It’s a showdown we haven’t seen before. The Acura NSX vs. the Nissan GT-R Nismo. And it’s worth watching! Both supercars have twin turbo V6 engines and both have AWD. Where they differ is the power. The Nismo has a slight advantage with its 600 HP but the NSX isn’t far behind with a healthy 573 HP. These guys at Drag Times run 4 laps and the finish is a close call! We won’t ruin it for you!

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