How to Choose a Nitrous System

Why Color Temperature Matters When Painting or Detailing a Vehicle

Automotive manufacturers can have multiple variants of the same paint code. Trying to find the right one to ensure a paint repair matches a vehicle’s color is hard to do with the naked eye. That’s why color match lights like Milwaukee Tools’ M12 Color Match Light offers multiple color temperatures to confirm paint color accuracy under various light conditions. The M12 is also ideal for ensuring proper paint coverage or finding very small scratches and imperfections.

The Better Way to Feed Nitrous to Your 5.0L Coyote or Gen III Hemi

Just like direct fuel injection helps your Ford Coyote or Chrysler Gen III Hemi make big horsepower, a nitrous oxide system that sprays nitrous and fuel directly into the cylinders can help your engine make even bigger amounts of power. Nitrous Express Direct Port systems feed equal amounts of nitrous and fuel to each cylinder to add 100 to 400 horsepower without worrying about a cylinder going too rich or too lean.

How to Choose a Nitrous System

The principle is simple: Air and fuel plus ignition equals horsepower; therefore, more air and fuel equals more horsepower. It’s the equation that nitrous systems manufacturers use to help produce incredible power gains—in some cases up to 400 extra ponies—in everything from sport compacts to dedicated race vehicles. Continue reading tech from Summit Racing.