How Does a Technician Tell a Z06 Owner They Destroyed The Car?

Corvette Z06 Before Its Drop | YouTube: Corvette Shorts & More!

There are bad days, and then there are really bad days. Unfortunately, in the case of this Z06 owner, it was the latter. In a horrible twist of events, the owner of this Corvette Z06 had brought it to the shop when the worst-case scenario occurred. Anyone who is reading this, please, tighten the latches when the car is on the lift! This technician didn’t and will likely pay with his job.

While there is little context about why the Corvette is there, it could have been a routine service, but seeing how the car was stripped, the owner likely brought the car to the shop for some upgrades. When you purchase a Z06, you want to go fast, and you’ll seldom see a stock one on the street. Simple upgrades like a set of headers, cat-back exhaust, updated cam, and heads will give you some pretty substantial horsepower upgrades on the cheap.

In this case, the owner likely brought it to a trusted shop to get the most out of his sports car. If that’s the case, their inexpensive day incurred some additional expenses. As you watch the video, the technician has the car on the lift before it happens.

Corvette Falls Off the Lift | YouTube: Corvette Shorts & More!

It was likely his first time working on a Z06, but you can see the car tip over backward and get destroyed on its way to the ground. No matter the brand you favor, this hurts to watch. To add insult to injury, the Corvette may have been salvageable after its fall, but the unforgiving lift crushed the Corvette’s plastic panels, adding to the costs, which insurance will likely deem totaled.

What would you do in this situation? We can tell you what we’d do – walk away, just like the technician in the video. What else can you do? You know the storm that’s about to come. You’re about to get yelled at three different ways and get fired. It’s sad all around – for the Corvette owner, the shop owner, and for the technician, but a valuable lesson can be learned from this – follow the steps and don’t rush.

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