How A Face Mask Cost This Driver A $500 Fine

We have to give this guy credit. This dummy was incredibly lifelike. Even the California Highway Patrol thought so. Although that didn’t stop them from fining the real-life driver.

People get creative when it comes to using carpool lanes. This driver in Baldwin Park, California enlisted the help of a dummy, complete with social guidelines wearing a face mask even.

By far, one of the best dummies we have ever seen. To clarify, we are referring to this fake passenger 😂 At least he…

Posted by CHP – Baldwin Park on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The “passenger” was decked out in a flannel T-shirt, glasses, and Cleveland Indians baseball cap in hopes of going unnoticed. CHP pulled the driver over when they noticed. When asked about it, officers say the driver didn’t elaborate except to say that he’d “been driving with the mannequin and getting away with it for a year and a half”.

As in several states, using the carpool lane with only the driver in the car is illegal in California. While the fine ended up being just over $500, the driver was allowed to keep the dummy.

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