Homeowner Furious After Builder Puts Up Fence Blocking His Garage Door

When you purchase a home with a garage, most people expect to use it. Or at least have the option too. However, homeowner Paul Elworthy has been left in an unfortunate situation after developers in his neighborhood put up a fence which prevents him from opening his garage door since it’s so close.

There are actually only about 3 feet of access room between the wall and the garage door which means the garage swing door can’t open fully and owners can’t get in or out, much less get a car in or out.

Elworthy was stunned to find the wooden fence had been put up overnight by the developers who are building new houses at the back of his property.

Paul told The Sun, ”It’s crazy, absolute madness. The door comes up a few inches and then hits the fence. It means there is now no access at all to the path at the back of the house from the garage.

Paul Elworthy between his garage and wall| Image Credit: Image: The Sun

Not only does the fence prevent vehicles from going in and out, but anything in the garage now has to go through the house attached to it – including trash bins. Naturally, people would rather not wheel their dirty, outdoor trash bin through their living room.

”If they had moved the fence back by just a foot then the door would have opened and we wouldn’t be in this situation but they just won’t listen.”

Elworthy says he had planning permission to build the garage at the back of the house more than 20 years ago by the city council. He’s even gone so far as to pay a solicitor to tell council officials building the fence was wrong and to refund his money. However, council has refused to budge saying they are within their rights to build the fence.

Paul Elworthy between his garage and wall| Image Credit: Image: The Sun

A council member stated, “As has been explained a number of times, the fact that Mr. Elworthy’s garage has the benefit of planning permission does not entitle him to access his garage from the Council’s land.”

The garage is built on Elworthy’s land but overlooks land which has been marked for two 2-bedroom houses and building which work started on last month. Elworthy has officially taken the case to court and council has hit back by filing a claim to have the action dismissed.

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