Guy Almost Crashes Ferrari During A Test Drive

There are a lot of videos out there of people test driving brand new cars and crashing. This one however, is an ALMOST crash and man was it close! This guy was test driving a Ferrari on an open road somewhere at a high rate of speed. When testing a Ferrari, we imagine people would want to drive fast because after all it IS a Ferrari. However this guy was on a public road which is too dangerous to drive fast like he’s driving in this video.

Everything seems to be going well until suddenly he comes up on a car in his lane that he ALMOST crashes into. This is crazy close! He quickly swerves over to the left lane where ANOTHER car is headed directly towards him and he BARELY misses that car also! It almost looks like he’s about to lose complete control of the Ferrari but somehow he manages to miss both cars. Like anyone else in this situation, the guy seemed to be extremely relieved that he narrowly missed having a terrible car accident.

The guy in the passenger seat, who may be a car dealer employee, seems to be a good sport about the whole ordeal. What do you think about this close call? Let us know in the comments!