Got Rats? Honda’s Spicy Wire Wrap Helps Protect Your Car From Rodents

Consumer Reports

Rats in an engine bay is a more common problem than you might think. So much so that automakers are offering solutions for it. And Honda’s is borderline genius. Consumer Reports even covered the solution a few years back.

People have been posting their solutions for keeping rodents out of their vehicles online and they range from covering the wires with a metal mesh to painting them with hot sauce. And Honda’s fix is somewhere in the middle.

Automotive journalist Bozi Tatarevic took to Twitter to explain his findings and why people may want to invest:

It’s confirmed that the rodent tape contains actual capsaicin, which is the what makes peppers hot. According to Consumer Reports, there is no offputting smell or any other sensory reason you may not want this in your ride.

So while rodent-repelling products definitely aren’t new to the market, Honda’s is definitely the most entertaining. If you’re in need, you can find the wrap on Honda’s site part #4019-2317.

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