Goodyear Is Erasing ‘Wrangler’ From New Bronco Tires For Obvious Reasons

The 2021 Ford Bronco has finally been revealed. Coincidentally, so has the Jeep V8-Powered Wrangler Concept. Since their debut, the two competitors have been pitted against each other by fans across the internet. Naturally, as an automaker, you don’t want any competing branding on your vehicle – especially one as iconic as the Bronco. So when the Goodyear all-terrain tires featuring “Wrangler” stamped on the side were brought to Ford’s attention, things had to change. Ford’s not trying to give away free Jeep advertising.


The Blue Oval requested that Goodyear altar it’s casting so that the “Wrangler” isn’t visible. While the name won’t disappear altogether, reports are saying Goodyear is going to supply Ford with tires that have the Wrangler name removed from the outer sidewall but will still be on the inside.

The “Wrangler” tires are an option on the Badlands trim level and part of the Sasquatch off-road package, which is already sold out. Other Broncos trim levels come with General Tire and BF Goodrich tires with non-competing names like Dueler and General Grabber.

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