Go Hunting With The ‘Predator Prius’

Photo Credit | Starwood Customs

This ‘Predator’ is both quiet and stealthy, although unconventional. Any avid hunter will tell you a Toyota Prius isn’t their go-to vehicle. However, Dallas-based Starwood Customs says it could be.

The company’s ‘Predator Prius’ build is a matte camouflage green Prius with a hunting platform in place of the traditional hatchback. The accessories are endless from gun mounts to roof racks to lights.

Photo Credit | Starwood Customs

The company’s Facebook post reads: “This job was like nothing we’ve ever done before! We cut the rear hatch completely away, custom fabricated a bench seat and platform complete with gun mounts in its place, added a winch- cargo rack to the front with spare tire cage mounted to the roof and finished it off with our Sarge Green Starwood Signature Finish! WARN and Method Race Wheels were just a couple of the brands we used to upfit this Hunting-Hybrid!”

Photo Credit | Starwood Customs

It’s definitely a different take on a hunting vehicle which is traditionally a truck, SUV, etc. There’s been mixed reaction online about the Prius, some saying it’s an awesome creation, even if it’s not practical while others say it’s an abomination. So what’s your thoughts on it? Given the opportunity would you use it?

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