Get Your Shifter Right and Some Better Axles

If you drive a manual, you know that shifting gears properly is crucial, especially if you’re trying to run a decent time on the track. It’s not always easy finding the right shifter. If you’re in the market for something to improve your gear changes, we might have something for you.

Like a shifter, finding a properly fitting axle for your truck or race car might also pose a unique set of challenges. Below we have a few options to consider.

How to Get Your Shifter Just Right

Lokar AxiShift Shifter Adapter | Summit Racing

You of all people know when something just doesn’t feel right on your car. If that something just so happens to be the shifter on your Tremec manual transmission, it’s time to do something about it and look into a Lokar AxiShift Shifter Adapter. It offers an almost unlimited range of adjustments, allowing to you orient the shifter lever exactly how you want it for smooth, positive gear changes.

Better-Than-OEM Axles for Everyone

TEN Factory Axle Shaft Kit | Summit Racing

If you own a truck, off-roader, street hero, or a race car, you’re going to need direct replacement axle shafts that are better than OEM but don’t cost a mint. Fortunately, TEN Factory might have an Axle Shaft Kit for you. TEN Factory engineers each axle and kit for specific vehicles that insures a “bolt-in” performance upgrade.

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