Funeral Parlor Brought Back To Life To House A Cool Chevy Collection!

It’s every gearheads dream to have a space they can turn into a man cave, shop…whatever you want to call the awesome space that houses a car collection! And Greg Rogers was able to do that for his Chevy collection. His space happened to start out as a funeral parlor with a hotel attached. The next inhabitant was a grocery store followed by a parts store. But when the space was up for sale in 2010, that’s when Greg knew it was the perfect spot.

In total, Greg has 16 cars – most of them Chevys. And while he has his eye on a Nova and a Chevelle, his collection started out with a Corvette. Another one of his favorites is a C10 Suburban with a Volkswagen Red paint color. The clean, simple lines and room for the whole family are what make it one of his favorites.

The ’67 Chevy pickup is next on Greg’s list of to-do’s. He wants to fix it up and turn it from shop truck to a road-worthy truck. Check out the rest of the vehicles he has in his collection and more this weekend on CBS Sports!

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