Fearless Driver Stopped Carjackers, Wrecked Their Car Instead

What comes around goes around. These two carjackers got what was coming to them when they picked the wrong driver to try and attack.

This harrowing video was posted to Facebook from Autobumbum, and shows just how quickly the unexpected can happen and also, can turn around. There is no context or background story on this clip, but what’s shown is pretty clear. The entire scene takes less than a minute. The carjackers clearly have their eyes on the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class as the driver pulls into a parking lot. The white Audi comes up behind it, stops in the middle to block the exit. The Benz driver was smart and didn’t get out of the car and instead backed it up and proceeded to drive towards the carjackers with their guns pulled. They move out of the way but the Audi gets sideswiped as the Mercedes driver leaves the scene. Not only did they not leave with the Mercedes but they have a wrecked Audi now as well.