European Automaker Develops a Pair of 4-Wheeled Mascots for the NHL with Teeth & Tails

Czech automaker Skoda has been a longtime supporter of ice hockey and in honor of the NHL’s ninth visit to Europe, the company found a clever way of supporting the two teams facing off in the 2022 NHL Global Series. The San Jose Sharks will be hitting the ice against the Nashville Predators on Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th, and the Czech automaker is commemorating the match with a pair of cars dressed head-to-toe as the teams’ mascots.

Named the PREDIAQ and SHARYAQ, the two cars are built around the Skoda KODIAQ and ENYAQ iV models complete with sharp teeth and wagging tails.

“We wanted to go down the route of picking two models that were similar in size, and we also liked the contrast between all-electric and conventional drive systems,” says SKODA designer Vítězslav Pelc.

“In collaboration with a partner, we developed a flexible ribbed composite structure. Polyurethane foam of varying hardness was gradually layered onto this basic structure to allow the fins, tail and mane to wiggle naturally,” Pelc explains.

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