Engine Power’s Galaxie On The Final Frontier

On Engine Power this weekend, Mike and Pat have their hands full with the finishing touches on project white fright. From turbo piping, plumbing the brakes, installing a carbon driveshaft, mounting the new wheels and tires, and a whole bunch more…

Catch the whole episode this Sunday at 9:30am ET on Spike. The whole schedule listed here.

This week on PowerNation Katie’s guest is 11 year old Chase Johnson and his 300 horsepower Pro Mod Camaro. Chase and his dad Andy will share how he started racing Go Karts at the age of 5 and was winning! He moved into Quarter Midgets and continued to win, 33 wins just last year alone! Now he’s moved up to the Pro Mod division and at the time we taped this story, he had already placed in the top 3. It’s an amazing story you have to see this weekend on PowerNation.