Driving The Nurburgring Isn’t Expensive…But Crashing On It Is

Crashing on the Nurburgring is gonna cost you more than just your pride. The 12.9-mile track is legendary for gearheads all drivers come from all over the world to race on it. There are public driving sessions open to anyone with a valid drivers license and $33 to spend, Drive Tribe reports. And while that may sound like a deal, if you crash you’re looking at a long list of fees and repair costs coming your way.

German road rules apply on the track so there are posted speed limits in parts and you can’t overtake on the right. And when drivers run out of skill (or luck) here’s what it costs them. For damaging at least 15 feet of the side barriers you’re out $167 for guys to assess the damage, $35 a foot to replace steel if needed. Then, if your car is also damaged recovery starts at a $670 minimum. Assuming the safety car is needed to help you or your stranded car that will cost you $91 for every 30 minutes it’s there. But the biggest cost is incurred if the marshals decide that the track needs to be closed to recover your now car and all of the bits that came off it when you crashed. That’ll cost you $1,500 per hour for every hour the track is closed. So for a grand total of $3,044 you can drive – and crash- the Nurburgring. Or you could just use common sense and skill and pay the $33.

This Sunday starting at 9am there’s all new tech from the shops. In Truck Tech, the guys get to work on the ’30 Model A Ford with quick disassembly and the build up of a crate chassis including axles, suspension, springs, shocks, links and I-beam front end.

Then in PowerNation Katie’s featured ride is this 80’s IMSA GTP series inspired SuperLite Coupe. Owner Bill Phillips and painter Anthony Kutas will talk about building, painting and driving these cool kit cars. Bill received the chassis, suspension, glass and body and then he decided everything else. He opted for an LS-3 with a 6 Speed. Anthony from Charlotte Speed Shop took over the challenge of laying down the Ferrari Yellow paint. Plus it’s super comfortable to drive on the street or the track! It’s a full block of tech so make sure you tune in.