Drivers Just Watch Instead Of Helping After Seeing Crazy Crash In Front Of Them

If you saw a crash like this happen in front of you at an intersection would you:
A) Drive off
B) Wait a few minutes and then call for help when you saw nobody else was helping
c) Get out and check on those involved

Well, the people in this video chose a combination of A and B, unfortunately for the drivers in the crash. A serious accident happened in Toronto, Canada and was filmed by a dash cam. A vehicle turned left into the oncoming traffic and was hit by a vehicle coming through the intersection. The vehicle launched into the air and out of camera view.

Most of the drivers sat in their vehicles after witnessing this accident and one drove off when the light turned green. The driver with the dash cam footage stated this in the original video description:

“The accident occurred at around 9:10 AM in Richmond Hill, a suburb of the Greater Toronto Area. Two cars collided. The red car made a bad left turn as the white car was traversing the intersection. The collision sent the white car airborne and it crashed against a guardrail off-screen. The occupant of the white vehicle was unconscious when I went to check on him. A bystander said the engine was on fire and I saw a low of smoke. I decided to pull the man out of the car. Along with the help of two others, we pulled the man out and laid him down about 30-feet from the car. He was in an out of consciousness initially, but once he regained consciousness, he seemed coherent. The paramedics then took over. I wasn’t able to see the occupants of the red vehicle other than from far as I stayed with the man in the white car. I could, however, see that a man was driving the red car and a woman was a passenger. They were initially both unconscious but eventually regained consciousness as well. The police told me they had serious injuries and were being taken to a trauma center.”