Drivers Call Out Cop Hiding In Bushes To Catch Speeders

If you thought out of sight, out of mind when it comes to cops taking radar – think again! This officer in Petrie, Australia was recently spotted lurking in the bushes in the median of a road through town. And while he wasn’t necessarily breaking the law, he WAS trying to enforce it. The officer was using the spot to operate a radar gun and some locals started calling him out by posting photos of him to a community Facebook page.

The hot topic seemed to be whether or not the officer is actually allowed to crouch in the hedges in the middle of the road. While a few commenters mentioned that what he was up to was perfectly legal with someone even proposing that they should do it more often.

After hearing the complaints the Queensland Police responded by asking the officer to stop as it reviews “the guidelines for the operation of this particular type of device.”

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