Driver Sets New Hellcat in Flames While Mid-Burnout

Who doesn’t love a Hellcat? The Dodge Charger has built a reputation for being built for burnouts, especially the ones with 2-wheel drive. Unfortunately, one driver drove his luck to the edge during a donut/burnout routine that resulted in flames.

During a car meet at the Irwindale Speedway in California, one driver was seen spinning donuts into a cloud of smoke before deciding to attempt a burnout. Unfortunately, the Hellcat’s rear literally burst into flames.

It is unknown the exact reason why the Charger went up in flames, however, some speculate that it was caused by a burst tire or a flammable substance.

While onlookers remained safe out of harm’s way, the driver also managed to escape safely while a fire crew successfully put out the flames.

Later in the video, we see the charred results of the Hellcat, including the license plate that was almost completely melted off. According to one member of the fire crew, things like this happen all the time.

Amazingly, the fire did not affect the engine and the owner was able to drive his car home.

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