Driver Over Protests And Drives Through Crowd Of Protesters

Lately, there are protests just about every day in seems like in almost any city across America. People seem to be motivated to get behind a cause and the majority of them seem to have decided that heading to the streets is the best way to have their voice heard. This article isn’t here for the politics, but more to focus on this truck driver who was so over the protests in the city, that the easiest way to get to where they were going was to, well, drive right through them.

The scene of the protest drama is coming from Durham, North Carolina where people took to the streets for “May Day,” a day that used to celebrate the beginning of summer but has recently transformed into a reason for people to hit the streets to protest their opinions.

In this particular situation, a group of people gathered in the streets to protest everything from workers’ rights to immigrant rights, all the way to better conditions for inmates. They were blocking the road to traffic outside the Durham County Jail without a permit and while they were doing that, they attempted to stop the truck from driving down South Mangum Street. But unfortunately for them, their way of protesting wasn’t really something that this driver was interested in. The driver had somewhere to be and these protesters sure weren’t going to get in the way. Even if it was just going home, can you blame them?

The Dodge Ram and its trailer pushed its way through the group of protesters to get to wherever it is that this guy had to go. So what do you think? Was the driver was in the right here?

Well, the cops are trying to steer clear of the situation as the driver will not be cited, police said Tuesday according to local new ABC11. And neither will the protesters, although they were not permitted to be in the street.