Drifting The Nurburgring, Tesla Carriers, Amazon Echo Auto, Silverado Save, And Multiple Supercharger Mustang

Today on PND…
• Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts The Entire Nurburgring In 900 HP Mustang
• Tesla Got Creative In Order To Get All The Model 3s To Customers
• You Can Now Have An Amazon Echo For Your Car
• A Chevy Silverado Drives Into The Water And Saves The Day
• And A Mustang With Not One, Not Two, But Three Superchargers

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts The Nurburgring
What better way to drive the infamous Nurburgring than drift it? That’s exactly what professional fun-haver and drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. did. After trying out his Raptor on the track a few months ago when the weather didn’t allow him to take his Mustang out, he’s now here with the drift car. And it was worth the wait!

Tesla Carriers
So, Tesla has been behind on orders for a while now. But they’ve gotten so behind on Model 3s that the automaker decided to start making its own car carriers and delivering cars to customers itself. Founder Elon Musk asked for volunteers to help with the new “Tesla Direct” home delivery service that brings cars right to customer’s doors. And since there weren’t enough car carriers to bring cars that weren’t close enough for Tesla Direct, Tesla started producing those too. But you would think if you don’t have time to produce the cars you have on the wait list, you wouldn’t have time to build carriers and hand deliver vehicles…

Amazon Echo Auto
If you have an Amazon Echo in your house and like the convenience of it, you can now bring the feature to your car with Echo Auto. It’s basically an Alexa assistant that sits on your dashboard and connects to your phone which can then connect to Amazon’s cloud service. You can ask Alexa Auto for directions and it has even more advanced features such as unlocking your house doors when you pull in the driveway and turning on lights before you go inside. It’ll run you about $50, worth it or too much tech?

Silverado Save Sometimes you need someone to bail you out. Like this boat that needed his friend with a Chevy Silverado to come help him out. Facebook page, Spearfishing Diary, posted the video of the truck with tracks instead of wheels heading into the ocean and helping pull out this rather large boat. With no problem at all it just hauls the boat right onto land and starts off across the beach!

Insane Blowers
Is there ever such a thing as too many blowers? This guy didn’t think so! Facebook page, Blown Mafia, posted the video of a Mustang with not one, not two, but THREE superchargers and this thing is AWESOME! The only questionable part would be, how’s the front visability out of this car?

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