Don’t Load Your Mustang GT Into A Trailer Like This

Ford Mustang GT Missed Opportunity | Reddit: Plkxxg

We shouldn’t have to say it, but unfortunately, we have to say it. Be careful when loading a car into a trailer! After you see this video of a Ford Mustang GT dangling from one, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that your car is safe in the garage right now and happy to learn a valuable lesson at the expense of someone else.

The video starts with things going according to plan as the Mustang is almost completely in the enclosed trailer. Unfortunately, there isn’t a happy ending. As the rear wheels begin approaching the top portion of the ramp, the driver stops the vehicle. Why? That’s a guess as good as any, but to be fair, they were coming in hot and probably feared smashing the front end. Well, here’s where the next mistake comes – they must have underestimated the pony power, spun the wheels, and launched the ramp to the ground.

When the ramp goes, the Mustang drops onto its undercarriage and is hanging on by a thread; who knows what kind of damage was sustained. As the wheels are hanging in the air, the group of people watching and not offering any help have no reaction, almost as though they’ve seen this before. “Not this again, ugh.”

The video ends before we find out how they pulled themselves out of this predicament, but we’re hoping for the best in this situation. If the driver is the owner of the car, at least he can be upset with himself, but he’ll have no one to blame, and he’ll be solely responsible for the damages.

If it’s a moving company and they’re at fault, at least someone will have to pay to repair the GT. Either way, it’s a tough pill to swallow. There’s a lesson for all of us to learn here – if you’re not accustomed to the power of a V8, maybe you should let someone else load your car onto the ramp. Otherwise, you’re going to sustain some damage in the process. If you’re putting your car in an enclosed trailer, odds are you’re trying to avoid that by any means necessary.

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