Dodge Released Numbers For The Demon, Including Its 0-60

More info has been released on Dodge’s SRT Demon and at the end of the video were some numbers, including possible 0-60, torque, horsepower, and ¼ mile times. Now this is all based on hoping that Dodge’s teaser video has correct stats and not just placeholders flashed up on the screen.

But based on the shot at the end of the video, the Demon will be able to hi 0-60mph in 3.0 seconds while the estimated ¼ mile time is 10.5 at 129 mph. Both horsepower and torque looked to top off around 750. And as Road and Track noted, some of the numbers look a bit off but as shown in previous videos, the Demon will have multiple performance modes and it’s unclear what mode this video is showing.

We’re just hoping Dodge isn’t messing with all of us and that these stats are close to what the SRT Demon puts out!