Dodge Details its ‘Last Call’ Horsepower Locator with Pricing and Availability

It’s no coincidence that Dodge’s limited edition line of 2023 Challengers and Chargers may very well be the most coveted muscle cars of the year. Especially because the 2023 models will be the final lineup of the current generation before the automaker converts the next-gen models as full EVs.

These cars will be in such high demand that Dodge has gone into great detail in its Horsepower Locator on where you will be able to find the nearest “Last Call” vehicles in your area. “Dodge has been building special-edition muscle cars for the last decade, and we have yet to find an allocation methodology that satisfies everyone,” says Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis in a press release. “Our new ‘Last Call’ Horsepower Locator isn’t going to satisfy everyone either, but it’s our attempt to take the mystery out of it. We’re making the process as transparent as possible, giving enthusiasts the power to search for each 2023 model and trim level allocated to each dealer. Our enthusiasts will have every opportunity to locate the Dodge ‘Last Call’ model they desire.”

The “Last Call” Chargers and Challengers are in extremely limited supply, so if you are one of those potential buyers who want to wait until the one you want pops up in your area, then that’s all you’re going to do. Because while you’re sitting around waiting, the more aggressive buyers will be out there snatching up all of the desired units.

Ordering is now open for the 2023 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, and Dodge is launching a new Horsepower Locator online tool to help Brotherhood of Muscle members make the “Last Call” for the model of their choice as the brand marks the end of the two iconic vehicles in their current forms.

The website also details the pricing for all of the available 2023 Dodge Chargers and Challengers, which are listed below:

Challenger SXT$30,545
Challenger SXT AWD$33,545
Challenger GT$33,845
Challenger GT AWD$36,845
Challenger R/T$39,385
Challenger R/T Scat Pack (also available with Widebody)$45,845
Challenger Shakedown Special Edition$63,590
Challenger Swinger Widebody Special Edition$66,190
Challenger Shakedown Widebody Special Edition$67,490
Challenger SRT Hellcat Jailbreak (also available with Widebody)$70,035
Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak (also available with Widebody)$78,640
Challenger SRT Super Stock (Widebody only)$86,645
Challenger Black Ghost Special Edition$99,315
Charger SXT$32,645
Charger GT$35,345
Charger SXT AWD$36,245
Charger GT AWD$38,345
Charger R/T$42,385
Charger R/T Scat Pack (also available with Widebody)$48,745
Charger Super Bee Special Edition$61,805
Charger Super Bee Widebody Special Edition$67,300
Charger Swinger Widebody Special Edition$69,690
Charger SRT Hellcat Jailbreak Widebody$78,340
Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak Widebody$86,940
Charger King Daytona Special Edition$98,420

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