Delivery Driver Totals Ferrari Enzo On Way to New Owner’s Home

If you ever think you’re having a bad day, here’s a reminder that it can be astronomically worse. That was the case for a driver who reportedly totaled a limited edition Ferrari Enzo while on the way to be delivered to its new owner on the U.K. island of Jersey.

According to the Jersey Evening Post, a witness said that the V12 supercar was traveling through a set of lights when spun out over the curbed median between lanes. The Enzo then slid into the westbound lanes and into an incoming Honda Jazz, leading to a collision of the two vehicles.

Based on footage of the aftermath of the accident, it appears that the Ferrari’s right rear wheel was almost fully detached and pieces of the supercar were scattered all over the street.

The Ferrari Enzo only produced 400 units between 2002 and 2004 that comes with a naturally aspirated V12 engine with 651 horsepower. At the time when it was new, the Ferrari Enzo would have sold at an MSRP of $659,000. These days, the car could be valued at $2 million.

We can only hope the new owner had an insurance policy on the car ready to go.

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