Chevy Pickup Split, Burnout Explosion, Motorcycle Surfer, Hellcat Up In Flames, And Why Helmets Are A Must

Today on PND…
• A Pickup Whose Bed Decided It Wasn’t Going Down With The Cab
• A Burnout So Rough The Tire Explodes
• A MotoGP Rider That Surfs Instead Of Rides
• A Hellcat That Goes Up In Flames
• And Why You Should Always Wear A Helmet When You Ride

Chevy Split
Not sure how this one happened. But as a Chevrolet S10 pickup headed into a sinkhole in Worcester, MA, the back of the truck decided it didn’t want to go down with the back. Whether it’s from rust or age or faulty engineering, this truck split right down the middle and left the back half just floating away!

Burnout Explosion
So, there may be a little help behind the scenes on this one but it’s still awesome to watch. YouTube user Stephane Couchoud uploaded the video of a bike burning out so hard that the tire simply explodes! And although the tire was overinflated to a reported hefty 102 PSI, it’s still fun to watch in slow motion!

MotoGP Racer
If you have to go down, at least making it a cool save gives you something to show. And Moto2 racer Tetsuta Nagashima had an epic save at the Austrian Grand Prix. After the back of the bike got out from under him on the wet track, instead of letting the bike go flying he gets his knees under him and “surfs” the bike until he reaches the safety of the grass. Nicely done, sir.

Hellcat In Flames
This is a tough one to watch. Whether you’re a Ford guy, Mopar guy or anything in between nobody wants a nice car being destroyed. YouTube channel, Family Cruisin, has footage of their Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat going up in flames though. We covered a story on them a while back when they used the car as an Uber and did burnouts to get 5-star ratings. And it seems he drives the car pretty hard all the time from the other videos on the channel.

Motor1 reports that the car had recently gotten a new engine and the driver decided to take it for a nice run to break it in. Except that on that run, he started having an issue where nothing was happening while pressing the gas pedal. But instead of calling for a tow or pulling over to see what might be wrong, he proceeds to try and accelerate and hit the gas hard. Unfortunately for him (and the car) he realized too late something was seriously wrong and only pulled over after smelling gas. Which then caught fire and sent the Hellcat up in flames. Probably could have been avoided…

Why You Should Always Wear A Helmet
If you need proof that helmets save lives, here it is. This woman in China is extremely lucky after this accident. She should probably go buy a lottery ticket. Because after being run over by a truck, she walked away with minor cuts and bruises. A car door opens while she’s driving on her scooter which knocks her into the road. Before she can get up, a truck runs over her head which, lucky for her, had a helmet on it. It’s crazy footage to watch but it’s a miracle and great reminder that safety equipment is always good to have!

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