Check Out How Car Production Has Changed In The Past 50 Years

When put together in this side-by-side video it’s amazing to watch just how much the car production process has changed over the last 5 decades.

Designers were once using pencils and erasers and had to produce endless drawings on paper while today’s designers have everything from tablets to virtual reality glasses. The result of the new technology is over 500,000 new cars are able to roll off the production line each year.

In the 1960s employees had to endure extreme temperatures and harsher work conditions while today’s teams work in heat-controlled rooms with the help of robots.

Cars used to be painted completely by hand while it’s now overseen by humans and carried out by 84 robots. This high-tech process resulted in record-breaking 517,000 cars being built last year.

Not only has technology transformed the production of cars, but it revolutionized the buying process as well.

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