Check Out British Racing At Santa Pod Raceway

This weekend on an all-new PowerNation we’re still in England and this week we’re checking out how the Brits do racing! We head to Santa Pod Raceway. Plus, all four shops have new tech.

On Detroit Muscle, work continues on a 1969 Dodge Charger to adapt a Hellcat drivetrain to work in it; Tommy visits OPGI.

On Engine Power, the open-wheel Modified receives a high-compression, high-revving Chevy small block.

On Truck Tech, we’ve up’d the horsepower of our 2016 Ram dually with the air side of things, now onto fuel. A 2nd generation fuel system is installed with new injection & lift pumps to support 770 HP.

And on XOR, Eliza and Jeremy are helping a Marine Corp veteran get his Jeep Comanche back up and running – right in his own driveway!

Be sure to tune in to Paramount Network Sunday at 9AM ET for the full line-up!

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