Borla Is Introducing Exhaust Pipes That Sing

Who doesn’t want their car to sound great? Well this week at the SEMA show, the world’s leading supplier of custom-tuned aftermarket performance exhaust systems, Borla Performance Industries, will unveil new, patent pending, polyphonic-based exhaust sound technology. BORLA already holds several patents and this latest patent application could change the way you hear car sounds.

The shape and length of pipes have always been one of the main factors in tuning an exhaust note for sound. This is taking that to another level though. The new technology harnesses polyphonic science provides the ability to produce several different exhaust notes simultaneously. These notes will be selected during development to create a richly textured sound, while also maximizing performance without restricting the flow of exhaust gases. The result allows Borla to develop exhaust systems that sound and look radically different from anything currently available while continuing to produce the most available power throughout the entire powerband.

The new technology was developed by David Borla, VP of Sales and Marketing. He applied his musical training and decades in the music industry to tune BORLA exhaust systems by enhancing engine notes and eliminating drone. In order to harmonize multiple exhaust notes to create one, perfectly unique sound, David first explored classic pipe organ technology to understand how ancient formulas for pipe length and diameter could create different notes. He then applied his knowledge of music theory to combine specific notes, which are proven to work together.

This approach will give Borla the unrivaled ability to bring different frequencies, harmonics, and overtones to the forefront of an engine’s sound signature. The company is confident this will be a game-changer.

The unlimited combinations of pipe diameter and length mean Borla can tune the same vehicle to the different tastes of individual enthusiasts. Obviously, not everybody wants to sound the same.

The new polyphonic exhaust technology will be incorporated into a range of Borla exhaust systems, which will continue to be made from aerospace-grade, T-304 stainless steel here in the U.S. of A.