Bond Aston Martin, Pocono Crash, Viral Speeding Video, Bridge Obstruction, Two-Faced Truck, And Fast Fails

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• You Can Own Your Own James Bond Aston Martin
• Nasty Indy Car Crash At Pocono Lands Driver In Surgery
• A Viral Video Of Speeding Hellcat Driver Turned Into Evidence
• Mustang Drivers Took Over The San Francisco Bridge
• A Two-Faced Pickup Truck
• And Top 5 Fast Fails

James Bond DB5
Who hasn’t been envious of James Bond’s cars over the years? Well now, Aston Martin is making exact copies of the original 1963 DB5 – rotating license plate included. Unfortunately, there will only 25 made and they’ll run a whopping $3.5 million. However, the originally Bond car went for $4.6 million so buyers are getting a “deal” if that’s what you want to call it. The cars are “continuation cars” so will be brand new but made time period correct, and the gadgets sadly make them not street legal. If you had the option, would you buy one?

Pocono Crash
Scary stuff went down at the Pocono Raceway last weekend. Driver Robert Wickens made contact with another car, hit the wall, and landed after going into the fence. He was taken to a local hospital and it’s been reported there is a severe spinal injury. We send our wishes to him and his family.

Hellcat Arrest
This is both incredibly unsafe and stupid. If you’re going to drive these speeds, go to a track. William Jefferson didn’t think this one through when he decided to take his Hellcat for a run on US-1 in Wake County, NC. His friends decided to video him hitting speeds of 198 MPH which is 130 MPH OVER the speed limit. The video made its way to YouTube where it was reported to police and used as evidence against him on his street racing and reckless driving videos.

Bay Bridge Blockage
We’ve seen this before but people just won’t stop. Nobody wants to be stuck behind amateurs attempting stunts on a public roadway, especially on a bridge where there’s no alternative route. But these Mustang and Supra drivers insisted on blocking San Francisco’s Bay Bridge while they drifted and did donuts. The cops eventually showed up and unfortunately (or not) for one of the Mustang drivers a wheel got stuck and popped off before they could get away. Maybe they’ll think twice next time…

Two-Face Truck
This is something you don’t see every day! And it’ll definitely make you look twice, especially if you’re driving behind it. Cars Insider posted a video of this two-faced pickup with cabs welded back-to-back. The setup is that of a regular car…engine up front, “trunk” in back. And since the back truck is non-steerable, this thing is street legal!

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