Boaters Somehow Manage To Sink Wake Boat, Then Ford Raptor AND Jeep Hellcat In Recovery Process

Somehow, someway, this group of lakers managed to sink not one, not two, but THREE high-dollar vehicles and boats. Next time you think you’ve had a rough day, think about the guy paying to fix this mistake.

The images were posted to the Facebook page Lift Ladders and where the caption says it is one of their clients. It goes on to confirm that the boaters sunk their $300k+ Pavati wake boat, then swamped a Jeep Hellcat and Raptor while trying to drag the Pavati out. Ouch.

The whole event unfolded on Cedar Lake in Indiana. The scene got kicked off when the person behind the wheel of the Pavati wake boat sunk it. That’s a tough break already. But then, somebody decided the best course of action to save the sinking boat would be to drive their Jeep into the water and attempt to tow it back to land.

It didn’t stop there, though. The Jeep couldn’t quite get the job done, but you can’t just leave a boat AND a Jeep in the water! So in order to pull them both out, the group enlisted the help of a Ford Raptor. That probably would have worked except the person behind the Raptor wheel either didn’t know, or underestimated the situation.

The situation left all three vehicles underwater. What an embarrassing, unfortunate, and expensive fail of a lake day.

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