BMW Owner Sued For Loud Exhaust ‘Disrupting The Neighborhood’

Angry neighbors are back at it. The difference with this story is that there is no HOA involved. You would think that would be a good thing however, instead of a warning letter or confrontation, this BMW driver got straight up sued instead.

Bryan Hillman is a car enthusiast in Carlsbad, California and is being sued by two of his neighbors for what they deem reckless driving and a loud exhaust. How much do they think he owes them? A total of $15,000 between two separate neighbors.

According to a Tweet from Hillman, “MY NEIGHBOR GOT A LAWER TO SERVE ME PAPERS SAYING SHE WANTS $10,000 FOR MY CARS DISRUPTING THE NEIGHBORHOOD” backed up by the paperwork he was given.

Looking at the documentation, the neighbors are claiming that Hillman “breached the covenant of quiet enjoyment of our home for 5 years through his vehicles’ loud modified mufflers and reckless driving.” In addition they claim that he’s allegedly “used verbal assault and intimidation towards Susan.” We’re guessing Susan is the plaintiff in this case.

Long story short, neighbors are saying Hillman is driving noisily and recklessly outside his mother Debbie’s home and she hasn’t done anything to stop it. Neighbors claim the issues have been going on since 2017.

Do the neighbors have a case? Well in San Diego County, where Hillman lives, there are specific regulations against sudden “impulsive noise”. Any sudden outburst of sound in a residential area exceeding 82 decibels is what’s considered an impulsive noise. So if they can prove Hillman is making noise above 82 decibels while within their property line, yes, they potentially do.

As the case is just beginning at the time of this article there is no resolution. So stay tuned to see who comes out on top – Bryan or Susan.

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